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Roses in flower in front of the building

The original five acre garden surrounds the buildings and Chapels. From the northern perimeter there are views over Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent. The setting is now enhanced by many fine, mature trees. From the outset the Joint Committee decided not to permit memorial plaques, a decision which has been vindicated by the pleasant uncluttered appearance of the gardens.

Ashes scatterings

Garden Clearance Policy

Garden Regulations

Garden Improvements Fund

Tree Damage Notice

New Garden

The pond in the new garden

The new garden was added in 1976. It has now developed a character of its own. Many of the additional features, including the rock garden and pond, have been provided by public donations. To the west, the garden is bounded by open farmland.

Members of the public may place flowers in the garden at the spot where the ashes of the deceased are scattered, using the green vases provided. The green vases can be found located by the water stations adjacent to the book room or at the back of the main building. Once the flowers have perished, our gardeners will remove the dead flowers and replace the vases back to the water stations to reuse. Memorials and personal items are not permitted; this includes but is not limited to glass, pottery ornaments, plastic containers and personalised flower holders.

Plan of the Garden of Remembrance

A line drawing map showing the layout of the Garden of Remembrance