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Ashes scatterings

The exterior of the building housing the Book of Remembrance


Appointments are carried out Monday - Friday, subject to staff availability. Our current appointment times are 10am, 10.30am, 11.00am, 2.00pm, 2.30pm & 3.00pm. Please call our office (01329) 822533 to book an appointment.

Ashes of cremations taken place at Portchester Crematorium, currently there is no charge. Ashes brought to us from other crematoria there will be a fee (see 'Price and Information' tab) this fee is an administration charge to record that the ashes have been scattered in our grounds and towards the upkeep of the gardens. We will also require the certificate of cremation (you will receive the certificate when you collect the ashes).

Witnessing a scattering

When you book your appointment, we will ask you where in the grounds you wish the ashes to be placed. On the day of the appointment, we would have already prepared the area of your choosing before you arrive and ask that you call into the office (situated between the two chapel entrances at the front of the building) to let us know you have arrived. A member of our staff will walk into the garden with you to scatter the ashes, then cover them over with the soil and crushed bark. If you wish to say a few words at the point of scattering, please let our member of staff know or if you wish a minster/celebrant to be present at the scattering you will need to arrange this yourself. A record of the ashes location will be recorded on our electronic register for future reference. Please note that if the ashes are retained with us at the crematorium, we can only take instruction from the applicant or funeral director that arranged the service.

Day of appointment

Arrive to the appointment promptly; late arrivals may mean appointments can't go ahead and will need to be re-arranged. Your group to report to the reception on arrival (situated at the front of the building between the two chapel entrances). Fee for ashes and certificate will be taken from you then.

Unwitnessed scattering

If you are not witnessing the scattering our staff will choose a location unless location has been specified and the scattering will take place on the following working day. A garden plan showing the location, will be posted to the applicant.

Additional information

No Memorials or personalised items

No personal or memorial items are authorised to be placed in the grounds and any items seen out there are subject to be removed on our regular garden clearances to maintain the natural beauty of the garden.

No individual plots

There are no individual owned plots, ashes are scattered loosely in the ground and there are other ashes within the area. You are not permitted to place ashes within our grounds without authorisation. Ashes scattered unauthorised will not be recorded in our register for future reference and there is then a risk that they could be unintentionally disturbed in the future if they in an area not designated for scattering.

Vase system

Plain green vases are available to use within the grounds to place their fresh flowers and these can be found by the water station adjacent to the Book room. Once the flowers are past their best, they will be removed, and the vases placed back at the water station to be reused by other visitors. (NB Our gardeners tidy the gardens of wilted flowers on a Friday).

Contact Us

The crematorium will not contact you directly to book an appointment, if we are retaining the ashes, it is the applicant's responsibility to contact the crematorium to make arrangements.

Office telephone no. (01329) 822533.