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The Chapels

There are two Chapels, and both are open for use by any denomination or sect. Either the full funeral service or the committal may take place at Portchester. An electronic organ is available on request. The Obitus Multi-media systems are installed in both our chapels, where an extensive library of music is available for you to choose to personalise your service.

The Chapels are recognised as the most important part of the building and both have been dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Portsmouth. They are open every day of the year without exception. Visitors are welcome to make use of the Chapels when services are not in progress.

South Chapel

The interior of the south chapel

This is the original Chapel, seating 80 persons with standing room for a further 40. It is ideally suited to those who wish to have the complete funeral service at the crematorium. At the completion of the service curtains are closed in front of the coffin.

The Chapel houses an 'Allen' digital organ. It is capable of producing sounds from the most mellow to the truly uplifting sound of a great pipe organ.

A waiting room is situated opposite the South Chapel entrance where families can congregate prior to the service.

North Chapel

The interior of the north chapel

The newer of the two Chapels is designed for the smaller family group or for committal services. There is seating capacity for 50 persons. Discreet artificial lighting and subtle colours combine to create a restful yet reverent atmosphere. An Allen digital organ is also available in this chapel.

A waiting room is situated opposite the North Chapel entrance where families can congregate prior to the service.

The Conservatory

Plants within the conservatory

The conservatory which adjoins the South Chapel provides a display area for flowers brought in memory of loved ones, giving a year round attraction of colour, light and beauty.

Floral Bays

A display of flowers in one of the floral bays

These are provided for placing floral tributes of services and the tributes will remain in place for 6 days including the date of the service.

Schedule for the disposal of the tributes as follows:

Monday and Tuesday Services - Following Monday
Wednesday Service - Following Tuesday
Thursday Service - Following Wednesday
Friday Service - Following Thursday