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Garden Regulations

Our Garden of Remembrance at Portchester Crematorium is designed to maintain the natural beauty of the gardens by allowing the scattering of cremated remains with no permanent markers or memorials permitted.

The Regulations Covering the Garden

Portchester Crematorium does not allow the placing of any memorial or personal items in our scattering gardens.

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: name plaques, alcohol, sharp objects, statues, lights, flags, glass objects of any nature, potted plants, artificial flowers, balloons, windmills, candles, toys and other objects or any type of commemorative items.

Planting of any flowers, bulbs, seeds, shrubs, trees or any kind of plants whatsoever is prohibited and the crematorium will remove unauthorised vegetation.

Decoration of the crematorium landscaping is not permitted – e.g. trees, shrubs, lawns, benches, tree carvings and features.

We do not allow using any of the trees or shrubs as an individual memorial. Carving into the tree, drilling a screw, hammering a nail, pushing pins into a tree, tying or wrapping things around the trees or shrubs could cause harm or even prevent growth and puts it at great risk of permanent damage.

Families and visitors to the scattering areas are permitted to place, temporarily, one green plastic vase supplied by the crematorium in the area where their loved one’s ashes have been scattered to hold fresh cut flowers. When flowers have finished blooming, staff will remove the flowers and place the vase back in the containers for collection and re-use. The vases, if available, can be collected from the water station near to the book of remembrance room. Once removed flowers that have perished will be recycled for composting that will then be used within the grounds.

We allow the laying of Christmas wreaths over the Christmas period and we will then remove all of them from the grounds 12 days after Christmas day.

Visitors to the gardens of remembrance are not permitted to bring any dog into the grounds (registered guide/assistance/service dog excepted).

Other regulations include that no person shall: