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Garden Clearance Policy

We will remove any unauthorised items from the gardens in our regular garden clearances that take place at regular intervals, at least every 3 months. Clearances may be undertaken more frequently if needed.

As well as the regular clearances we do remove certain items immediately, these include but are not limited to:

Any unauthorised items left out in the gardens are placed at the owner’s own risk. The Crematorium is not responsible for the care, condition, loss or damage done to any items that we do not permit and are left in breach of our regulations. The risk to leaving items in an open public space is one reason that Portchester Crematorium doesn’t permit the placing of any memorials or personal items in our scattering garden.

The Crematorium reserves the right to remove any unauthorised items which contravene our regulations alongside any safety and/or maintenance reasons. Any items not permitted by the crematorium may be removed without notice.